Location: Poreč, Croatia

Once a major port from the time of Roman Empire located on the coast of the northern Adriatic, historic town of Poreč is one of the most famous touristic destinations in Croatia. The city has remained intact throughout its history, resulting in a variety of cultural heritage sites. Of all the historical sites the most famous is the grand Euphrasian Basilica. Rebuilt in the 6th century during the time of the Byzantine Empire, the Basilica contains the marvellous mosaics put in place under the bishop Euphrasius. The artistic structure and creativity behind these mosaics became World famous in 1997 when UNESCO deemed the complex a World Heritage Site. Preserved by defensive walls built between the 12th and 19th century, Poreč invites you to take a step back in time to explore its Roman roads and exquisite scenery.

Venue: Valamar Diamant Hotel Conference center

The Conference venue is the 4-star Valamar Diamant Hotel, located directly at the seaside and at 15 minutes walking distance from the historic center of Poreč. The conference and meeting rooms of the Valamar Diamant Hotel are combined with bright, spacious rooms and suites and provide a perfect venue in tranquil surroundings. Experienced staff ensures that the event will run with expert precision. After a whole day of work, the guests can also take some deserved time and unwind in the wellness centre, take a scenic stroll to the magnificent old town of Poreč or select one of many sporting activities in and around the hotel.

The Valamar chain of hotels and resorts have a history of supporting environmental and conservation project. As such they have offered us a good deal for congress facilities and accommodation, and this is why we decided to organize the Conference in Croatia. Our wish was to make this Conference financially affordable to as many of our colleagues and students as possible.

Accommodation & meals

Accommodation is available in single and double bedrooms in the Valamar Diamant Hotel, for price of 62 and 40 Euros/night/person (breakfast and lunch buffet included!), respectively. As alternative, the accommodation is also possible in the 3-star Diamant Residence, located within the resort. The Diamant Residence contains family apartments for 4-6 persons, with accommodation price of 30 euros/night/person, with buffet lunch offered in the Diamant Hotel included in the price.

Accomodation Type Person/Night,
including lunch buffet
Valmar Diamant Hotel****
Double bed room 40,00 Euros
Single bed room 62,00 Euros
Valamar Diamant Residence*** (4-7 persons) 30,00 Euros

Prices are per person/night and include breakfast, lunch buffet and taxes.

For direct reservation of your lodging, please visit web page of the Valamar Diamant Hotel.  When making a hotel reservation for either Valamar Diamant Hotel**** or Residence*** use the Promo number: 537 to activate the reduced prices for Conference participants.

For any question regarding reservation, arrangements please contact:  

     Ms. Karolina Gojtan
     Senior MICE Sales Representative
     Valamar Riviera d.d.

     Stancija Kaligari 1, HR-52440 Porec, Croatia
     T +385 (52) 408 205
     F +385 (52) 451 331
     E Karolina.Gojtan@valamar.com

Travel info

Although Poreč does not have airport, there are several international airports nearby:

We have arranged a shuttle service “GoOpti”, which will take you directly from the airport to the hotel. This well-organized shuttle service decreases the time and costs of transport from and to the airports (for more information see below).

If you wish to travel to Poreč by bus, there are regular, daily bus lines from:

Bus provider Autotrans has the most frequent lines, please visit their website for detailed schedules. The most common bus provider in Europe is Flixbus, offering lines to Ljubljana or Zagreb from London, Munich, Berlin, Paris and many other major European cities. It is also possible to take a shuttle service from the bus stations in the vicinity of Poreč (see below).

Poreč does not have a train station. If you prefer travelling by train, the closest cities you can get to are Pula and Rijeka (both Croatia), Koper (Slovenia) and Trieste (Italy), which are well connected to main train stations in Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia) or Trieste (Italy). From there you need to use bus transportation (see above) or use the “GoOpti” shuttle service.

To ease your arrival to Poreč we made an arrangement with the shuttle service “GoOpti”. The company has offered  a special discount code (RFLI4MQUC8BH) for conference participants,  If you register as a new GoOpti user . The shuttle van will pick you up at agreed time on the agreed location, whether it will be the airport, bus or train station, and take you directly to Poreč.

Approximate prices of the one-way trip from airport to the Conference Venue (kindly note these prices are only informative and can vary on a daily basis).


International Airports Price
Pula, Croatia 25 – 35 Euros
Trieste, Italy 20 – 35 Euros
Ljubljana, Slovenia 21 – 31 Euros
Venice, Italy 22 – 35 Euros
Treviso, Italy 22 – 35 Euros

Useful info

Croatia is a member of the European Union (EU) and is generally open country, hence visas are not necessary for most visitors. Citizens of EU and most neighbouring countries can travel to Croatia with their official, government issued passport or ID card.

Citizens of many non-EU countries are allowed to enter Croatia and the Schengen area (including Italy and Slovenia) for a maximum stay of 90 days without a Visa. Countries request only a biometric passport, that has at least three months validity after the last intended date of departure.

Certain nationals must hold a valid visa, in addition to a valid government-issued travel document in order to enter Croatia. If in doubt, please check visa requirements for your country on the web of the Schengen Visa Information System.

If visa is needed, it is recommended that you obtain a Uniform Schengen Visa (USV) Type C, allowing you double or multiple entry into Schengen area. With this type of Visa, the holder of the Visa is allowed to enter Croatia as well. The applicant will require a letter of invitation and a guarantee letter issued by the University of Primorska (UP), for which please contact UP International office (international@famnit.upr.si ) for assistance.

The process of obtaining a USV Type C can take up to 2 months, so be sure you apply for Visa early enough. 

Please note that the organizers DO NOT provide participants of the Conference with any insurance. Therefore, the travel and health insurance should be organized by participants, if needed.

Croatia is generally a safe country with low crime rate. Use common sense and take security precautions and report any incidents to the local police. As always be sure to look out for your own safety.

Croatian Kuna (kn) is in use in Croatia. Usually stores and restaurants do not accept any foreign currency. You can exchange foreign currency in any bank, exchange office or tourist office. The exchange rate between EURO/US dollars and Kunas varies but is typically 1 Euro for 7,5 Kuna’s, 1 US dollar for 6 Kuna’s. A wide variety of credit cards are accepted in almost all shops, restaurants, hotels or travel agencies. ATM machines are available almost everywhere. The current exchange rate of foreign currencies to Croatian Kuna can be found here

If you travel to Poreč, Croatia through Slovenia or Italy, the currency in these countries is EURO. As in Croatia you can exchange foreign currency in any bank, exchange office or tourist office and a wide variety of credit cards are accepted in almost all shops, restaurants, hotels or travel agencies.

In Istria, Croatia, weather in October is usually warm (average temperature ~15 ° Celsius) and sunny, with occasional rainy days. You are recommended to bring some warm clothes. However, check the weather before you travel and plan accordingly.

All conference participants will be provided with the Staff’s emergency contact information on the first day of conference. In general, use the following numbers in emergency:
Dial 112 for Emergency services – urgent medical help, firefighters, veterinary help, and rescue teams.
Dial 113 for Police emergencies.

Health Center Poreč

Dr. Mauro Gioseffi street2
Phone: +385 (0) 52 451 611

Pula General Hospital
Zagrebačka 30, 52000 Pula
Phone: +385 (0) 52 376 000


Department of Biodiversity
Faculty of Matematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Glagoljaška 8, SI-6000 Koper, Slovenia, EU
Tel +386 5 6117 570, Fax +386 5 6117 571

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