1. Owners of marine-turtles.eu (UNIVERSITY OF PRIMORSKA – Department of Biodiversity Faculty of Matematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies from Koper, Slovenia) are aware that the right to privacy is one of the basic human rights, therefore we respect your privacy and handle your personal data responsibly, carefully and in accordance with the applicable legislation in force in the Republic of Slovenia and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


  1. We do not collect any information about user’s activities on our website and we do not collect IP addresses and/or perform any analytical or statistical actions with data. Cookies used on our website are only those strictly necessary for a proper functioning of our website, which enable us to determine correct user access level for each session / visit on our website. We do not use third party cookies.


  1. For the registration and abstract submission process on our website we use the Indico platform, which was developed in Cern for the conference setup and running purposes. The Indico platform is embedded in our website and collects – on voluntary basis –, all the personal data needed for an effective organization of the event. For a successful registration for the conference and/or abstract submission, you must create an account (register) in the Indico platform first. All the collected data will be strictly used for conference registration and/or abstract submission only, however the conference organizer reserves the right to contact you (for conference purposes) via e-mail address and other contact details provided in the registration process.


  1. Access to personal data is granted only to authorized employees and website developers– in the scope and for the purposes necessary to conduct the work processes – website and Indico development. We do not and will not share your personal data with third parties.


  1. Our website and Indico platform both use encrypted connection via SSL connection / certificate (Secure Socket Layer).


  1. You can always access and change your personal data via the Indico platform, if you have a valid account. In case of additional requests, you also have the following rights:
    – Right to withdraw consent (to unsubscribe from further communication from us)
    – Right to access (to see and verify your personal data we have stored)
    – Right to rectification (we will update any errors in your personal data we have stored)
    – Right to erasure (to delete your personal data we have stored)
    and other rights (portability, to object, restriction of processing).
    For all the questions and procedures regarding the above rights, e-mail us at medturtleconf2018@famnit.upr.si


  1. We recommend that you also protect your privacy and personal data yourself.
    Every individual is responsible for:

    • the safety of the username and password, which should be kept appropriately and only be disclosed to persons who they completely trust,
    • the safety of their e-mail address,
    • and appropriate software protection (anti-virus) of their computer or other devices for accessing different content.


  1. For additional information about processing of personal data or your suggestions for improving our policy and practices, you can contact us via e-mail address medturtleconf2018@famnit.upr.si



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