Conference Theme: Building Synergies

The past conferences have provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, but even more importantly, they enhanced networking and collaboration in the field of sea turtle research and conservation across the Mediterranean. With the 6th Conference we intend to make a step further. Sea turtles share similar life histories, threats, and research and conservation challenges with other highly mobile marine megafauna. Yet, often, our collaboration with researchers and conservationists working with other large vertebrates, such as marine mammals, elasmobranchs or marine birds has been limited. But, it’s only by joining forces with our colleagues, who often we do not know even when they work close to us, we can move our research and conservation efforts to a higher level and reach our common goal: healthy marine ecosystems.

The 6th Conference aims to start bridging these gaps in the Mediterranean, and this is why the Conference theme is “Building Synergies.” We will step out a little from our ‘sea turtle world’, and host prominent colleagues working in the field of conservation science across multi taxa, so that we can discuss collaborative opportunities which can benefit our common conservation goals.


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